Sunday, 21 August 2011

a not-so relaxing summer break :)

i'm pretty sure you guys are wondering where i've been all summer long, seeing as i'm not going to school :)

well, to tell you the truth, i'm not on holiday or at the beach or out with my friends, i'm working 9-5!!!

so mon-fri there's not much time to bake, plus, i've been preparing for my UKCAT test (medical school entrance test) for the last month so all my free time left is spent on that!

luckily, or not so luckily depending on how you see it, i have my test tomorrow morning, so after that you can expect some more bakes :D

thanks for sticking with me!

and just while i'm here, i'll share with you a song that i can't stop playing, it gets me so upbeat!

Foster the People - Houdini

seriously, listen to it, it'll just make you want to smile and dance! perfect for those times when you feel down trodden and limp :P

sarahhhh xxxxx