Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Year, New Me?

i've given up on explaining my absences, you've heard it all before :) so ive decided this time i'm not gonna make any promises of updating my blog regularly or anything like that, because i cant keep to that, i'll be disappointed in myself and you'll go without again! so im just going to update when i can, if i can, and if every now and then i have to update with a chatty post, i hope you guys dont mind :)

so i thought i'd kick this off with really introducing myself. i love getting to know bloggers and vloggers, having glimpses into their lifestyles and what they do aside from baking.

my name is sarah, im 18 years old and i live in england! i currently study a levels at college in the subjects chemistry, biology and psychology (yeah, you guessed it, im a science nerd!) whilst desperately trying to keep up with a social life and carry on with my baking, sewing and knitting. i am hoping for a career in medicine, and so whenever it comes to a choice between hobbies and studies, studies always have to take priority. im majorly interested in genetics and the big bang theory, and love the colours royal purple, teal and mustard yellow :)

any other questions, or perhaps you want to introduce yourself, please comment below!

so again, i'm not promising anything, but i really hope i can update semi-regularly for the rest of the year :)