Saturday, 15 January 2011

Monkey Bread

some time ago, the guys at TSR chose monkey bread as our monthly bake, but alas, i was a month too late and had no bundt pan. but now i do! i'm a lifelong fan of cinnamon buns, so this recipe seemed awesome. you can find the whole recipe at Brown Eyed Baker!
this recipe called for 3 types of sugar! i was tempted to only use brown sugar, but decided against this as it might seem too strong. also, in this picture, i've forgotten the yeast, so remember, instant yeast!
 the rising takes a while - put it in a bowl and leave for an hour, it should have doubled in size. be careful, if you put it in a place too cold or draughty it won't rise, and you'll have killed the yeast.

then pat it into an 8x8 inch square, and cut it into 64 squares (i used a pizza cutter and it was really easy) and then roll each square into 64 balls, and dip each ball into melted butter and then brown sugar and cinnamon.
then, let it rise again! all this rising is very tiresome for an impatient sarah - but it should be worth it!
pop it into the oven, and after half an hour, take it out, and it will be bubbling and beautiful, finished off with a bit of icing - delicious. now, i know some bloggers only post their successful work, but i am not one of those bloggers, so here you go, my first attempt kinda flopped, but it still tastes good! better luck next time me thinks.

adios my lovelies,

sarahh xxx

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