Saturday, 12 February 2011

Got the Sniffles :(

so, i sit here, smelling strongly of olbas oil and using what can only be a whole forest's worth of tissues. i thought that maybe i'd write a blog post about my top cold remedies, because i have nothing else to do!

1. RAMEN. any kind, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetable, literally, place any bowl of ramen infront of me and you can garauntee that i will eat it - even if i'm not sick! but, being incredibly serious here, for me, a good bowl of ramen is the best remedy for a cold that i have ever had. it seems to be the combination of the steam and slight chilli kick clearing your nose, the warm, salty broth warming you from the inside out, and the satisfying feeling of being able to eat something without hurting your throat that makes it the most amazing food ever. mind you, it must be proper ramen, with a clear, salty spicy broth, meat, veg, egg and some good, thin noodles!
(for those of you who don't know what ramen is, here's a picture!)

2. TEA - i never drink lemsip. i think it tastes horrible and it never works for me, its really not worth the effort of boiling the kettle. but i drink gallons of tea whilst i'm sick. maybe its just boredom tea, i don't know, but i've never suffered any tea related problems so it must be okay. just warm, never hot, with and splash of milk and no sugar, man that's a perfect cup of tea! i have it in one of my mugs - i have a growing collection of mugs, and normally i'll go anatomical and have my mug with the human skeleton on, or literary, and have my Da Vinci cod one (yes, you read right, the da vinci cod - replaced the man with a fish!)

3. CREAM CRACKERS - i love these things. i have them plain, or with a bit of butter. my mum hates them because they kind of go a bit doughy in your mouth, but i think that's what i love about them. whenever i'm sick, not just colds, but tummy aches, headaches, period pains, i have a cream cracker, and the world seems okay again :) and the fact that they are ludicrously cheap for how many you get in a packet makes the most perfect sick food. i, however, don't buy the jacob's variety. the waitrose own brand variety is just as good, the crackers are a little larger, and a bit cheaper too!

4. SUGARED WATER - sounds simple? thats because it is. warm up some water, dissolve a couple teaspoons of sugar in it, until it creates a sweet, soothing drink for your throat to relax and so you can get hydrated and full of energy for the day ahead.

5. A PILE OF HOMEWORK - now, i know this strictly is neither a food nor a cold remedy, but i'll have it here seeing as it plays a major role in my sick 'routine'. i always get so much more work done when i'm sick for some strange reason, and it takes my mind off the fact that i can't do much else. plus, it enables me to shrink my homework debt, whilst getting better, so i can go out and start ignoring it again.

still not sure whether i will bake tomorrow - i'll have to see how i feel in the morning! :)

peace and loveee,

sarahh xxx

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