Friday, 18 March 2011

:( guilty times

okay guys, so now i'm down in the realms of immense guilt, i feel like i've neglected this blog too much which is really horrible because i love it!

i have a giant backlog of bakes to post up, so around tomorrow, maybe sunday, if you come back here, there will be around 5 or 6 new posts up and about, a good range too, from savoury to sweet.

now, with the inevitable excuses... well, i have been literally up to my neck in school work - i must have only watched about 1 hour of tv in the past week, and even that was with the guilt of work on my mind, PLUS i missed a step on the stairs at my college and now i can't put pressure on the ball of my foot without pain in my ankle. i think i'm getting it seen to in a few days, if the pain doesn't go away, but certainly not today - i can't even contemplate a trip to A&E on a friday night. i've done that before, and trust me, it was not a pleasant experience, don't ever do it, just try not to get violently sick on a friday :)

i really hope i haven't broken a bone or done any lasting damage to my ankle - my future career aspirations rely on me being able to be up and about regularly!

this is going to turn into a long, rambly post, which i'm not sure you will appreciate as you only came here to look at recipes, not read my attempts at filling you in on the past few weeks events.

but ahh well, i shall be back tomorrow, laden with baked goods. xx

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