Sunday, 19 December 2010

Baking wishlist!

ahhh christmas time already!?!? it feels like only yesterday when i was left reeling after results day and wondered where the hell did my summer go? i must remember to enjoy my summer next year!

so, as its my first christmas here at vanilla sugar, i thought i'd put up my baking wishlist! my parents don't actually know about my blog, so they just think i really like baking for the family (which i do of course)

top of my list is a cookbook, which is kinda obvious. i'm actually buying a couple of cookbooks for the family this year, but everyone knows that i get cookbooks that i would like to use as well. but why does it matter, if they are going to enjoy it as well? my dad always gets a whopping great cookbook (you know, the ones that weigh a million pounds) every year, it wouldn't be the same without the howling cry of someone who has dropped it on their foot, and this year my 11 year old brother has really gotten into baking (must be in the genes) so i bought him a book all of his own :) but i'd really really like a book for myself, maybe the hummingbird one - but i've heard mixed reviews about that one, so i'm not sure yet.

second, i would really really love a cake stand, like this one:
because its really not the same piling biscuits and cupcakes onto a plate, and this ones so pretty!

finally, i'd love a set of gel food colourings. recently i've found several recipes that i'd love to use, but liquid colourings just wouldn't work, and many a perfect icing has been ruined by colourings, also i'd love to give red velvet cakes a crack!

so, not that long a list this year, normally its about as long as my arm, but this year i thought i'd tone it down to a few things that i really really want rather than loads of things i like.

i am planning a series of christmas and leftover bakes, so don't worry, not all my posts will be so wordy!

in the meantime, whats on your wishlist?

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