Wednesday, 29 December 2010

where have i been?

well, i trust everyone has had a good christmas? got some nice goodies to work with in the next few weeks, and am still figuring out a couple of excuses to use to get my hands on my brothers new baking cookbook :)

anyway, as per the title of the post, where has sarah been?

across the country, day and night, are thousands of a level students beavering away over their textbooks, in anticipation for the january exams. i am no exception. my tiny children's desk from ikea in the dim corner of my bedroom is now my best friend. it is where i spend around 5 hours a day, revising away, through fear of failure when results come.

something you guys should get used to if you follow my blog, is the fact that i am absolutely, 100% petrified of failure. failure in exams, class tests, assessments, coursework, even life itself. and not something i can see improving in the near future. i'm more scared of it than i am of getting sick, or having blood tests.

so, you may see the occasional post or recipe every now and again, but with exams looming just under 2 weeks away, i have to prioritise.

BUT DON'T WORRY - i'll be back to normal the weekend after exams finish, and that, my friends, is a promise.

ciao for now,
sarahhh xxx


  1. ahhh thanks :) i'm really nervous, i really really don't want to have to retake in the summer!